Tikkun Leil Shavuot 5784/2024

How Do We Read Torah?

For almost 1500 years the Torah has been the foundational text of Judaism, and the efforts to understand the Torah, its laws and ideas, its significance in each generation, continues. What allows for the ongoing act of commentary? How do we accept so many different, even contradictory interpretations? What are the perspectives that over the centuries we and our commentators bring to the text? Join us as we explore the many ways Jews “read” the Torah!

Tuesday, June 11:

  • 7:00PM – Minhah, first study session, light refreshments
    Where Are We Now?  Rethinking Exile, Diaspora and Home in Israel and America””
    An Online Presentation by Dr. Arnold Eisen, Chancellor Emeritus from the JTS series, “Timely Insights, Timeless Wisdom”
  • 8:15PM Ma’ariv & second study session
    “Continuing the Discussion: What is the Relationship Between Judaism and Zionism? Rabbi Charlie Popky
    Followed by ice cream!!

    Wednesday, June 12 – First Day: 10:00AM services

    Thursday, June 13 – Second Day: 10:00AM services (Yizkor)

    Contact the Temple office for virtual viewing options.