Membership Options

White Meadow Temple is a membership-based community. Our members have a voice in shaping this community and demonstrate their commitment to its future, to the future of Judaism, and to Jewish values in the world. We are an inclusive and welcoming community – we encourage participation from all who seek a connection to Jewish life and want to be part of our sacred community regardless of religious background, race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, ability, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

With our membership, we commit ourselves to a journey of discovery, where each of us, in our own way, deepens our connection to Judaism. Some of us will discover great Jewish meaning in Torah classes, some from participation in our committees, others by participating in worship services, and others through acts of Tikkun Olam. Join us, and we’ll help you discover your unique path.

Contact our office for more information on annual membership plans and to discuss available options.

Membership is available to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. If the dues levels present a significant financial hardship, please contact us to discuss confidential modifications.