Presidents' Message

April 2024

Fellow Congregants,

We hope that you were able to join us for Purim this year.  We had a great turnout, a delicious brunch, and a lot of fun!  Of course, right after Purim comes Passover. 

Passover is a time of remembering. We remember the exodus from Egypt, the foundation story of the Jewish people.  We also remember our more recent history, as we schlep in boxes from the garage, full of memories of Pesachs past.  We remember the seders we attended as children and the family and friends that were there with us. 

The seder is a call to each of us to remember that we are part of a nation, chosen by Hashem, that has been around for millennia.  It calls for us to transmit our history, values, and customs to our children, so that our Jewish nation can persist. 

This takes more than just two nights a year.  It takes an ongoing effort to lead by example, living a Jewish life for our children and grandchildren to emulate.

When you devote your time and resources to the synagogue, you are tangibly demonstrating the importance of Judaism in your life.  You are encouraging the next generation to maintain the unbroken chain of our peoplehood, and you may inspire them to become future leaders of the Jewish community, as you have done before them.

The Nominating Committee is beginning the process of recruiting new trustees and officers for the upcoming fiscal year.  Now is your chance to step up to help lead our community, and to set an example for your children.  

So much is going on at shul!

This year’s Women’s Seder will be on April 7 in the Social Hall.  The event will include a discussion of women’s perspectives on emunah (faith) and will feature a fun art project on that theme. 

The Family Shabbat Experience will happen April 12, featuring a short service full of song and a kid-friendly Shabbat dinner (with some delicious food for adults, too).  

We will be having a Shabbat dinner on April 19, three days before the first seder, so you can share a meal with the entire community while keeping your kitchen clean for Pesach.

Shabbat on the Beach starts next month!  This year, they will be held on May 17, June 21, July 26 and August 16.  Please mark these dates in your calendar!

The Women’s Journey Group will meet on April 3.  Ripped from the Headlines will be on April 11 , Israeli Dancing on April 17, and the Rabbi’s class on the weekly Torah portion will be Thursdays: April 4, 11 & 18.

Passover services will be held on the first two and last two days of the holiday, including Yizkor on the last day, April 24. Click here to view the complete schedule of services

We look forward to seeing you at some or all of these events! 

Once again, we strongly encourage you to contact your representatives to remind them that there are voices (and voters) that support Israel in its fight against Hamas.  As the general election campaigns get underway, it is extremely important that we be heard. Click here for resources you can use to support Israel now!

We wish you a chag kasher v’sameach filled with pleasant memories.

Bernie Rosenfeld & Howard Sislin

As always, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], or leave a message for us with the office, and we will call you back.