Pesah 2024/5784

Guide to Pesah

The Rabbinical Assembly’s Guide to Passover, is now available for download: click here.

This guide provides an outline of the policies and procedures relevant to the preparation of a kosher for Pesah home in accordance with the principles of Conservative/Masorti Judaism.

Also highly recommended is the section on Pesah in The Observant Life: The Wisdom of Conservative Judaism for Contemporary Jews.

  • Bedikat HametzSunday night, April 21. We search for Hametz after sunset. Traditionally we use a candle, feather (for sweeping), and a wooden spoon for gathering the hametz. The blessing recited before the search, and the declaration nullifying the hametz (bittul hametz) recited after the search is generally found in the haggadah. We burn the hametz (bi’ur hametz) the next morning (Monday, April 22) and once again recite the declaration for bittul hametz.

  • Kitchens should be completely switched over to kosher for Passover, and we get rid of all our hametz by burning or selling it by the sixth hour of the day on Monday. The final time for eating hametz is 10:37AM.

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Services & Candle Lighting Times

Monday, April 22
Last Time for eating hametz: 10:37AM
Candle Lighting: 7:08PM

1st Day – Tuesday, April 23
10:00AM Shaharith
8:26PM Candle Lighting 

2nd Day – Wednesday, April 24
10:00AM Shaharith
8:27PM Candle Lighting

Saturday, April 27
10:00AM Services – Shabbat Hol ha-Mo’ed

6th Day – Sunday, April 28
7:31PM Candle Lighting

7th Day – Monday, April 29
10:00AM Shaharith

8th Day – Tuesday, April 30
10:00AM Shaharith (Yizkor)
Holiday concludes 8:33PM

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