Sell Your Chametz

During Pesah we are not only prohibited from eating chametz, but we are also prohibited from having any in our possession. Already in Mishnaic times (3rd century c.e.), the rabbis made provision for one unable to use up or throw out all of one’s chametz by selling it to a non-Jew. In the 16th century, Rabbi Yoel Sirkis, a leading halakhic authority, allowed people to sell their chametz to a non-Jew, without removing it from their homes or making the sale permanent – useful not only for the individual Jew, but especially for Jewish businesses as well.

If you would like to appoint Rabbi Charlie as your agent to sell your chametz, complete and return this form to the Temple office by Friday, April 19.

It is customary to make a donation when selling chametz. Click here to make your donation to Or Hadash.