How a Torah Crown and Breast Plate Found a New Home at Or Hadash

“I was cleaning out my garage this past summer when I came across some plastic bins all the way in the back of a high shelf. I realized that these bins had not been touched since they were brought into my house some 14 years ago after the passing of my father. This one bin had actually been packed by my father years before his passing. 
“Upon opening the bin, I saw a beautiful silver Torah crown and breast plate wrapped in bubble wrap. These two articles were from my old childhood synagogue, The Woodruff Avenue Temple, which was located in Brooklyn, New York, some 50 or so years ago. My father was a past President of the Synagogue. Like many synagogues of that time, families started to move out of ‘The City’ and into the suburbs. The Woodruff Avenue Temple closed its doors back in the mid-1970s. My father was one of a few members who was entrusted in finding ‘new homes’ for the synagogue’s ritual processions.

“My father was the last the surviving member of this group. My dad used to say that religious articles are meant to be used and not stored away. I am so thankful that I could fulfill my father’s mission in finding a new home in the suburbs for these articles.” Paul Schwarz

Thank you so very much, Paul & Sheryl Schwarz, for your generous & meaningful donation to White Meadow Temple – it will be used with love and care for years to come!