Ritual Life Committee

The Ritual Committee enhances the religious function of the Temple by providing programs and services that meet the religious and spiritual needs of all of our Temple members. We work closely with the Rabbi to make the religious aspect of Temple life welcoming, inclusive and inspiring for all. We welcome new ideas and suggestions as our temple community continues to grow.

The Ritual Committee meets monthly to discuss the ritual functioning of the Temple, review policies and procedures and plan ritual events. Our responsibilities include:

  1. Plan and coordinate High Holy Day services
  2. Provide ritual assistance for Erev Shabbat and other Holiday observances
  3. Lead Erev Shabbat services as needed
  4. Advise the Temple’s Board of Trustees on any recommended changes in policies or procedures
  5. Build the Sukkah in preparation for the celebration of Sukkot
  6. Assist the Rabbi as necessary

Members are encouraged to join the Ritual Committee.  Attend any of our meetings to learn more about what we do. Knowledge of Hebrew or Judaic rituals and holidays is not required. Membership on the committee provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about many aspects of Judaism and Jewish life.