Shavu’oth Service Schedule

Services will be on-site and online. Study sessions to explore: how we understand the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai; where the Bible comes from; how the Bible authority continues through the ages.

Saturday, June 4Erev Shavu’oth

Tiqqun Leil Shavu’oth – A Night of Study
Minhah & Se’udah Shelishith 7:30PM

1st Study Session 8:30PM (Candle lighting 9:14PM)
“On Revelation & Critical Thought” with Rabbi Daniel Zucker

Ma’ariv & dessert 9:15PM

2nd Study Session 9:45PM
“Revelation’s On-Going Authority” with Rabbi Charlie Popky

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Sunday, June 5 – 1st Day

Shaharith 10:00AM
Minhah/Ma’ariv 8:00PM (including Yizkor)
(Candle lighting 9:15PM)

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Monday, June 6 – 2nd Day

Shaharith (Yizkor) 10:00AM

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