Shavu’oth Service Schedule

Tiqqun Leil Shavu’oth – A Night of Study
A joint event of White Meadow Temple & Temple Hatikvah

Sunday, May 16
(Candle lighting 7:51PM)

1st Virtual Study Session: 7:00PM
“White Fire on Black Fire: The Role of Sinai in Jewish Tradition” with Rabbi Charlie Popky

Minhah/Ma’ariv: 8:00PM

2nd Virtual Study Session – 8:30PM
“So What Really Happened at Sinai? Medieval Critical Thinkers” with Rabbi Daniel Zucker

Monday, May 17 – 1st Day

Shaharith – 10:00am (onsite & online)
Candle lighting 8:51PM
Minhah/Ma’ariv – 8:00pm (online only, including Yizkor)

Tuesday, May 18 – 2nd Day

Shaharith (Yizkor) – 10:00AM (onsite & online)

Holiday ends: 9:00PM